Making our way to Medellin we had bigger bags under our eyes than on our backs, after going to Colombian version of burning man near Salento. We had been warned that perhaps Medellin wasn’t the best city to try and relax in and been wished luck along the way. Despite this all of the stories we had heard about the city of eternal spring and the crazy parties we were both excited to see what this city had in store for us. 

Botero Statues

Being from London the busy and chaotic metro had a homely feel, also making it super convenient to get around town. The diversity of the city also felt familiar and keeps things interesting. San Antonio is the main market place and we threw ourselves into the deep end by jumping of the train there, if you want something this is the place to come. People selling everything you can possibly imagine. It was a little too much so we wandered to Parque Botero, there is an amazing building with a crown shaped roof and checker board exterior. The square if full of musicians and artists and the larger than life Botero’s infamous naked ladies and gents. 

Parque Arvi

Medellin is surrounded by mountains and once the sun has set the favelas begin to transform the city to look as though it is twinkling. We jumped on the cable cars to Parque Arvi, the journey was really cool. Giving a birds perspective on the more traditional lives of Colombians in Medellin, watching as it changes from city life to the more rural landscape. Much to our surprise there was an amazing food market at the top and after eating a lot of traditional treats (deep fried plantain with guava jam & cheese.) We ventured into the Forrest following the river and climbing across fallen trees. Lots of locals were camped up here and there was even one guy shooting a rap video. The sun was shining so we lounged in the sun listening to some music, the perfect get away from the bustle of the city.

Botanical Gardens

We visited the Botanical gardens which were really beautiful, and home to giant iguanas who scaled the side of a tree beside me without noticing for a little while. I also saw some tiny monkeys in the trees. Of course as anywhere you go in Colombia there was music and dancing and lots of laughter. Any excuse for a party right?  Just outside there was some Christmas lights with gigantic Russian doll style Shepard, angel and baby Jesus. Accompanied with oversized Christmas presents.

Best Pizza in Medellin

The best pizza in town is on the Main Street of El Poblado, Sicilia in Bocca !! Colombia weirdly doesn’t use tomato on their pizza but this guy knows the score. Delicious, so good that we actually went back and got a second straight after. 

Unbelievably we woke up early and hopped in a taxi to the Airport…..only to realise we were one day too soon. The woman behind Viva Colombia’s desk blank expression really didn’t help numb the feeling of stupidity. I guess you have us for a little longer Medellin…..lucky you!