I had high expectations of Medellin after being told what a beautiful city it is and I haven’t been disappointed. One of the first things that I noticed when arriving was how green the city is. In Poblado where I stayed there are streams, waterfalls and jungle plants giving the city a fresher and cleaner feel. In this area there are an abundance of great cafes, bars and restaurants with plenty of vegetarian options and great nightlife.

Taking the Metro in Medellin

The cities metro system makes getting around very easy and a short ride from Poblado took us to the hustle and bustle of San Antonio, an area that represents more typical Colombian culture. Here the streets are full of people selling everything you can imagine from footfall shirts to local delicacies such as arepa con queso, my favorite!

I visited the Jardín botanical which felt like a little piece of the jungle within the city. I saw tiny monkeys and huge iguanas there and lots of beautiful tropical flora and fauna. Make sure you put on some bug spray when you visit as there are lots of mosquitos!

Parque Botero

At Parque Botero can you see many sculptures by the man himself and some interesting architecture. Make sure to get a sugar cane juice from one of the street vendors, they use a machine to extract the juice and mix it with lime and it makes a very refreshing drink in the sunshine that is very often present in the city of eternal spring as Medellin is very rightly named. 

Parque Arvi by Cable Car

The highlight of Medellin for me had to be the ride to the top of the mountain on the cable cars. For the equivalent of $3 I rode to the very top after changing the line once on the way. The views over the city are amazing and although you are always surrounded by the beautiful mountains  it’s an amazing spectacle to see how the city is situated within a valley bordered by them. At the top there is a market where we bought yet more delicious typical Colombian delicacies. We had berries freshly picked from the Forrest and plantain fritters stuffed with cheese and guava jam. One of the many things I love about Colombia so much is their capacity to put anything and everything with cheese and make it taste amazing!

After sampling the treats we then walked into the forest to a picnic spot with a stream running through and lots more beautiful plants and trees. Some people were camping there and we really wished we had a tent to so the same. I’d definitely recommend hiring a tent and spending a night up there, I can imagine it will be very beautiful place to wake up in. 

We spent a week in Medellin but could have happily stayed longer if we didn’t need to move on with our trip. The city is so diverse and has a lot to offer and I have no doubt I’ll be back one day to explore it more.