El Poblado the main tourist hub of Medellin, packed with restaurants and cafes, with several boutique clothing and shopping malls. Here you will spot the gangs of gringos huddled around, indulging in some home comforts. Don’t get me wrong, I love this area and after a few months away from home, I am always on the hunt for my perfect coffee fix. Since the streets are lined with restaurant and cafes, you are spoilt for choice from burgers, to steaks, to an almost near perfect New Zealand flat white, you are sure to find what you are after. Here are some places to eat that we recommend on your adventures:


Hija Mia Coffee.

Trendy Kiwi owned and run cafe in the Manila district. Did we mention flat whites? And ACME cups? This place is for the serious coffee nut with awesome brews and delicious baked goods. With plenty of plug in points, we understand why alot of travellers frequent this spot.

Price range: 3,000-4,500 (espresso – mocha)

Cafe Pergamino.

A popular cafe that is the perfect way to obtain your caffeine fix while both browsing the internet and people watching. It even serves a proper flat white, in the right sized mug, with an almost near perfect strength and even finished with a small fern on the top, what more could a Kiwi want. We envied the cold brews that were delivered next to us and also the sweet treats look mouthwateringly good.

Price range: 2,900-4,400 (espresso – flat white)


Located across the road from Cafe Pergamino, it looks like it’s giving it a run for it money. With the small outdoor area fully equipped with a green wall and all, the vibe felt like you could have been anywhere from Melbourne to New York. It’s a lovely place to spend few hours perfect for all those digital nomads.

Price range: 3,500-5400 (espresso-latte)


BUBA – Burger bar
A newly opened burger bar serving up simplistic but tasty burgers cooked to the perfect medium rare. Choose one of their house recommendations or build your own perfect burger, each are served with either; french fries, rustic fries or onion rings and an array of sauces to obtain the perfect bun to sauce ratio. Portobello mushrooms are on hand for the vegetarians and they even have a gluten free bun up for offer so great for those hard to please crowds.

Price range: 13,900-18,900

Jacinto Taqueria.

A stand up taco bar, more representative of a hole in the wall than a restaurant, but somehow it is still bursting with character. Serving up a selective and simple menu of tacos, though slightly on the more expensive side we can suggest pit stopping to try one on the way past. The fish taco is a winner as a refreshing, light snack but just don’t expect service with a smile.

Price range: 4,000 (1 taco)

Street food

On your walk from the bus terminal you can find all kinds of street vendors on your way; from hot peanuts, to empanadas and our personal favourite donuts filled with strawberry jam. So if you’re on a tight budget or just want to have a top up on the go, keep your eyes peeled on the way past.


For all you night owls out there then look no further, here is the place to party. This area comes to life at night, the fairy lights illuminate from the bars, enticing people inside as the beers begin to pour and the cocktails start to shake. With a bountiful of options, you are sure to have a night to remember… or forget.