Medellin Part 1

This short story about my visit to Medellin starts in the middle of the night at 1 pm at the airport in Rio Negro. My flight from Cartagena got delayed by one hour and forty minutes but luckily we got a free bag of chips and a soda as compensation. I managed to share a cab with some fellow backpackers who had a taxi waiting for them. The taxi driver was a really nice man who was really curious about the music we like. Thirty minutes later I arrived to a nice techno beat at the Ivy Hostel. After being sure I was at the right place, a really friendly and calm young guy checked us in and showed us around the hostel. The first thing that I noticed was the warm and family-like atmosphere that hangs around in the hostel. After a good nice sleep I headed up to the big city of Medellin. I needed some new shoes and slippers because I forgot them in other hostels the week before. I was told that the place to go was El Hueco, a street with a lot of small market-like shops where it is possible to buy almost everything. Later on I was told that these shops used to be on the sidewalk but slowly they took over the street until it was not possible anymore for cars to pass through the street and in turn became a crowded pedestrian zone. I bought a nice pair of cheap “Vans” and based on the pain in my feet the next day I am pretty sure that I bought counter fitted shoes. In the afternoon me and my girlfriend spent the day exploring the Center/ old city of Medellin.  In the evening we met up with a friend that we had met in Santa Marta and went to a restaurant to have a nice dinner. After wandering around for an hour in the neighbourhood of Poblado we asked a random person on the street where he would go to dinner if he was taking a nice girl out but didn’t have a lot of money. We ended up in a really cozy panaderia where they also serve dinner. After have eaten a really great meal we were seduced by the amazing looking brownies and cakes that were for sale. Accompanied with a bowl of ice and melted chocolate, the cake was one of the best I ever have eaten. After being more than satisfied of the cake, we moved to our next stop in a park and bought some drinks at the night shop located at a corner of this cosy park. We took place in what looked like a theater. The impression of being in a theater grew even more when a couple of street performers dressed like clowns entertained the whole park with not so funny jokes and acts. But seeing how hard these guys where amusing themselves by doing their act would make everybody happy. After drinking some slushy-like strong  drinks we ended up in the Berlin bar on Calle 10. The follow up of our story will be written by my o so lovely girlfriend 😉

Medellin Part 2

This story will follow on the one that Ruben, my boyfriend, wrote. The next day we participated in the free walking tour, which started at 10 am. Because we went out the previous morning, it wasn’t a easy job to get there on time, but we managed it though. We got a tour through the old city centre of Medellin, which I think is a pleasant part of the town. We got a lot of information about the history of the city, including the struggles the city had to face. During this tour I really noticed how friendly the people in Medellin are. A lot of them said ‘Welcome to Colombia!’ or ‘Hello, how are you doing?’. Also when we stopped at a certain place and the guide, who was awesome by the way, told a story, the inhabitants who passed by would stop for a moment and try to follow what the guide was telling us and  ask what the guide was telling. In the afternoon we decided to pay a visit to the museum of memories. As it was not that far, we made the decision to walk over there. After we got lost in I would call the ‘suburbs’ of Medellin, we got help from some really friendly guys. They showed us the way we had to follow to museum and even gave us some great tips on what to do in the evening. The museum itself was a nice presentation of the history of the city. You could really feel the pain and loss the people had to go through. Because we had such a delicious peace of cake the previous day, we decided on the way back to stop at a nice looking panaderia for another piece of cake. Even though you couldn’t compare it with the previous cake, regarding taste and price (five times cheaper and you could taste it), it was really nice and local place. Back at the hostel we met some other travellers and one thing let to another. We decided to go party together on Halloween! Once we arrived at the park where all the bars and clubs are (I forgot the name on the moment), I was shocked how many people were on the street! In Belgium we don’t really celebrate Halloween, so it was so nice to witness such a night here in Medellin. Everyone was dressed up and partying, there was such a nice vibe. Wanting to being part of this nice vibe, we wandered through the streets and held or own pub crawl. Here again you could feel the warmth of the Colombian people, as they danced and drank with us. It was a night I will not soon forget (besides the end of the night where it all becomes a bit blurry 😉 ).

I can conclude that Medellin is the nicest city I have been to so far in Colombia. It is definitely a must see when traveling through Colombia and I will recommend it to everyone who comes here.

Kind regards,

Nele and Ruben